Beauty starts with the brows

Introducing Gabby Rae Stallone

The Maestro of Brow Magic in Westport Connecticut!

Gabby Rae Stallone, the enchantress of eyebrows, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of beauty and fashion. Her journey began with an unwavering love for all things stylish and beautiful.

As a teenager, Gabby was the go-to makeup artist among her friends, unveiling her innate talent for enhancing natural beauty. It was then that she had her epiphany – this was her destiny.

Her path led her to cosmetology school, where her true calling emerged – the world of eyebrows. With every stroke of her brush, Gabby realized she possessed an extraordinary talent, one that could transform faces and lives.

Guided by the industry’s most revered brow artists in Los Angeles, New York City and Florida, Gabby’s skills and passion flourished. She absorbed their wisdom like a sponge, honing her craft to perfection.

Today, Gabriella stands as a luminary, specializing in a plethora of brow services. Her mission is simple yet profound: to unveil the unique beauty in every client, one brow at a time. With Gabby, your brows aren’t just brows; they’re a work of art, an ode to your natural splendor.

Boca Raton Eyebrows

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Call or text Gabby at (561) 654-9647 to make an appointment. You can also email or send her a DM through Instagram or Facebook.

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